5 best ways to look for a new job

There could be various reasons behind looking for a new job, whether it is due to a change in career path or moving to a new location, relying on online ads is never enough. Job hunting on the internet does not give you access to the entire job pool.

Most lucrative opportunities are not published online these days as the employers fear being bombarded with hundreds of irrelevant applications. Therefore, it is crucial to look for new methods of job hunting that guarantee better results. There are a lot of other avenues that can be pursued and some of these are discussed below:

1. Network with your contacts –

It is one of the oldest and yet the most effective way of job hunting. There is a common saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. This applies perfectly when it comes to job hunting. Everyone has a network of contacts formed through friends, colleagues and peers. Tapping this network can be extremely useful for your career progression.

2. Take up CV distribution service –

This includes distributing your CV to employers, recruiters and leading job boards in your region. It ensures maximum exposure to your CV and ranks your profile higher in candidate search engines. If you find it time consuming or do not have the right contacts, then consider hiring a professional who can provide you CV distribution services in UAE.

3. Create a LinkedIn profile –

LinkedIn is well respected within the business world for professional networking. More and more employers are hiring through LinkedIn. Having a strong LinkedIn profile is as important as having a well-written CV. Not only can you find jobs through LinkedIn, it is also useful for expanding your current network and seeking recommendations.

4. Look internally –

Many companies prefer hiring from within as the training period reduces drastically. If you are moving to a new country where your company has a branch, ask them for the possibility of relocating you to that branch. Even inter-departmental transfers are very common so there can be a lot of options if you ask.

5. Contact recruiters –

Majority of senior positions are filed through recruitment agencies. Big firms prefer hiring through recruiters as it saves them a lot of time and effort. They also take care of all legal and other formalities if hiring from abroad. Therefore, consider registering with a reputed recruitment firm in order to widen your prospects. It may well be worth your money!

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