3 top opportunities for the candidates in gaining part-time jobs.

A part-time job is a form of employment that is performed for few hours per week than a full-time job. They work on the rotational basis, generally in shifts like day and night. When a worker works for less than 30 hours/week then they are considered as part-timers. The work is generally divided between two people working alternatively in their respective shifts.

The part-time job has come into the scenario because the industries, companies and other sectors are increasing. The production cannot stop, so the industries, various companies are hiring an individual who is willing to work on a part-time basis. The salaries which they receive are generally on pro-rata basis or the work they have done in the prescribed time. Part-time jobs are mainly done by students, unemployed persona and labor.

Here are some of the major profiles for the part-time job:

  1. Sales Associates:

Sales Associates are those who sell clothing, office supplies, and sporting goods for retailers. They have to entertain the customer right from the point they arrive at the store. They have to assist the customer on their inquiries about the product they want to purchase. Their work is to help out the customer on discount, return or replacement of the products and resolve their other complaints. Client handling is essential for a sales associate, they have to handle the mood of the customer in calm and friendly manner.

Requirements and Responsibilities:

  1. Associate degree or high school diploma
  2. Experience in retail sales
  3. Knowledge of basic mathematics
  4. Physically fit for standing and walking for a longer period of time
  5. Positive attitude and customer satisfaction skills
  6. Greeting customers in a friendly manner
  7. Operate cash register, financial transactions and balancing drawers
  8. Helping customers with the products within the store
  9. Helps in increasing the sales
  10. Maintain a sophisticated appearance on the sales floor

Salary Package:

It ranges from S$800-S$1000 per month. (Part-time)

  1. Customer Service Associate:

Their work is to interact with customers in handling their complaints, processing orders, and to provide information about company’s products and services. The Customer Service Associate works in aid of the store management team helping them in the completion of all store level works and performs a variety of tasks related to different areas of the store. They can be found working in a showroom or in a coffee shop. Their work is to entertain their clients and help them in their decision.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. Associate degree or high school diploma
  2. Knowledge about the product in the store
  3. Verbal communication skills must be excellent
  4. Should have data entry skills
  5. Should be able to perform different tasks at a single time
  6. Responding to customers inquiries by understanding the problem
  7. Record the customer problems in documents and responding the solution to customers a account
  8. Improving services by proposing new processes
  9. Physical fitness is necessary

Salary Package:

The average salary for a service associate varies from S$800-S$1000 per month (part-time).

  1. Cleaning Staff

The work of a cleaning staff is to make sure that the workplace environment is neat and clean. They make sure that there is no dirt and dust in the workplace. Cleaning staff or Janitor has to clean the air vent, floors of the office and desk of the employees. It is not an easy task as they can be called upon to workplace at any time.

Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. High school diploma
  2. Should be physically fit to work continuously during the working hours
  3. Communication skill and work as a team.
  4. Handling of all types of cleaning machine
  5. Should know the use of different cleaning chemicals and its proper storage
  6. Weeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors
  7. Should empty dustbin, cleaning restroom and public surface
  8. Should take up the heavy task when asked for
  9. To bring into notice of the management regarding any repairs
  10. Always keep the walking alley clean and obstacle-free
  11. Routine inspection and maintenance activities


The average salary for a cleaning staff varies from S$500-S$700 per month (part-time).

Part-time jobs are allowing students and unemployed people to work on hourly basis and earn some money. There are many companies and industries in Singapore who are taking up individuals on a contractual basis. For getting job opportunities in part-time jobs, you can visit Monster Singapore website now.

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