The use and importance of Air Handling Units

An air handling unity or AHU is a box type unit that’s typically responsible for handling or re-conditioning. It circulates air as part of a ventilating, heating and air conditioning system. It’s basic function is to intake the air present outside, re-condition it and push it indoors in the form of fresh air.

It gets rids of exhaust air, that typically aids in creating a pure and acceptable indoor air quality. Furthermore, depending upon the required temperature, of the re-conditioned air, the fresh air produced is either heated using the heating coils, or cooled using the cooling or AHU coils.

In buildings and apartments, where maintenance of air hygiene quality is low, it functions by strategically re-circulating air of some rooms through the mixing chambers. It aids in saving significant amount of energy units. To explain in depth, a mixing chamber comprises of dampers. This helps control the ratio of air returning, pulled in from outside environment and the exhaust air.

An air handling unit composes of a large metal box. This metal box comprises of many separate ventilators for exhaust and supply, cooling coils or AHU coils, heating coils, recovery systems, air filter chambers, mixing chambers, sound attenuators, and dampers.

During installation, AHUs are connects to the internal ductwork which aids in the distribution of conditioner air throughout the area, and returns it back to the AHU. AHUs fittings are done as a means of conserving energy and increasing the cooling capacity of a conditioning system.

Box Enclosure

All air handling unit parts come in a box, otherwise known as unit housing. It strategically ensures the compactness of the unit and protection of all internal components. Insulation of box prevents the loss of heat from the air handling unit.


The centrifugal fan helps in the circulation of air to all the part of a building. Typical fan types available in the market include – air foil, backward inclined, forward curved, and backward curved. The selection of a fan usually depends up on the volume of air and static pressure needed by the system.

In general, manufacturers make use of specialized software to make the right selection. Furthermore, the speed of the fan varies depending upon the frequency of the inverter. This aids in offering better control over the fan speed and ensure highest level of satisfaction.

AHU Coils

Most aluminium coil suppliers suggest that cooling coils for AHU unit manufacturers must make use of aluminium coils instead of copper coils. Cooling coils help in dehumidifying air and available in a broad range of varieties depending upon the design of the system.


Filters are installed in an air handling unit to remove contaminants from the air. The type of an air filter depends upon the application of the system. Some common filter types include panel filters, HEAP filters, and electrostatic filters.

Mixing Box

Mixing boxes usually have an air inlet attacked to the damper. This is precisely the place where all the outside air and returning air mixes in order to offer the correct proportion of air to the room.

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