15 Best Reddit Users through whom you can gain traffic on your websites

As digitalization is on its peak, each and every user wants to get crawled by google for its targeted keyword and get bookmarked by number of people and made known. For this exemplary technique Reddit was born. It is a website mainly recognized for social news aggregation, rating of web content, and discussion on the use. User can easily access to this bookmarking site and ultimately get enhanced result so as to get high social ranking. In this major site user can submit direct links, text posts content which in turn helps most of it. If you are a registered user then you can vote up and down for the concerned link that determines the position on the page. Links or text posted on the website with high number of up-votes appears on the front page or on the top of a category. Its content entries are categorized under areas of interest called subreddit. Subreddit like news, books, finance, marketing, jobs, career and many more are then divided.

It is ranked 4th in top most visited website in U.S and 9th in the world with 234 million unique users worldwide as of 2017 with its exclusive slogan of “The front page of the internet”. Reddit has been used free worldwide and does not require condition of email address for getting registered to complete the process. When a link or text post is submitted to the subreddit section, the users are called redditors. Also on the contrary, subreddits includes a forum for discussion, conversation space with opposed viewpoints for people and many more.

15 users for reddit who are considered to be the top categorized redditors liable to engage posts and get up-votes.

  1. Megasteel32: This techno freak redditor uses his submission in gathering information and gives a conversation space for people to discuss around the technological world. As of now he has submitted 6,134 post karma and 6,691comments karma and is ranked in the top position of subreddit category.
  2. kobebryant1624: This redditor encircles posts and links of news, career, and technological categories which gives his up-votes in this genre. He is currently having 159 post karma and 663 comment karma and at the same time make him best reddit user for the website.
  3. NotTheBeliever: This user has been indulge majorly in politics submission of links and text posts with 3,345 post karma and 17,366 comments karma. Being hardcore politics redditor he is listed on the front page of the internet.
  4. Jaykirsch: Involved with world news, this redditor uses his links and posts to counter the news content. He is currently having 13,04,479 post karma and 51,102 comments karma.
  5. Howlinger: Catering links and post related to news, politics, fashion, design with 14,092 post karma and 160 comment karma this redditor has given uniqueness to the website and hence made worth.
  6. Azor71: Listed website with text post and link submission of celebs, movies and entertainment category with 3,493 post karma and 328 comment karma.
  7. Ripsaw99: Submission of comic and funny links and text post category comes under this redditor. Listed with 1,93,820 post karma and 1,91,822 comment karma makes him a active redditor.
  8. Ppatra: This user has been an active redditor for politics section and has 12,112 post karma and 20,668 comment karma under his name.
  9. Lotus_towers: Business/Finance category has been his genre for submission of text post and links to the website thereby increasing his social aggregation with 1,677 post karma and 1,225 comment karma.
  10. lookcool1: A hardware freak redditor  who is keen to technology and hardware category with 1769 post karma and 37 comment karma has acquired a large community for people to engaged with.
  11. Michigannnnnn: With 5,703 post karma and 1,305 comment karma, this redditor has been engaged in catering audience to discuss and provide knowledge under agriculture sector.
  12. Pannagasamir: With a verified email and a trophy case of 2 year club this redditor has been involved in science/technology column subreddit and has 20,091 post karma and 2,593 comment karma he has contributed a lot to website and thereby engaged with his unique writing.
  13. Pysthrwaway: This redditor has made text post and links of politics, finance, business with 1,631 post karma and 161 comment karma.
  14. Yellowslimjim: Keeping culture as its subreddit, redditor has made its existence to the website with 9,611 post karma and 320 comment karma.
  15. Tsilhqotin: This redditor has categorized his text post and links under media subreddit which in turn increases its worth and bring unique content for Reddit with 20,728 post karma and 6208 comment karma.

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