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Best Home Décor Tips for Your Little Boy that Everyone will Love

As children grow up, they want to have their own room. It is easy and fun decorating a girl’s room. But what if you have little boys and must decorate a room for them? Boys love an exhibition of creativity and playfulness in their room. You want their rooms to be space where they can play and have some fun. Planning to upgrade the room décor for your boys? Check out these expert décor tips for your boy’s room:

Highlight Textures & Patterns

Patterns and textures always add an extra layer of character to the décor of the room. Use patterns like stripes, dots or designs. Textures like velvet, wool, stone, wood, cast iron and much more. Keep a balance between textures, patterns, and colors. You can use cement while plastering the wall to create textures on your wall. MP Birla Perfect Plus is the best cement for plastering in India. Ordinary Portland cement is the best cement for plaster works and other general construction works.

Hide that Mess

Boys will have their toys, cars, and guns. Clear the clutter and hide the mess with smart storage in the room. Keep an open floor area covered with a soft rug which can be used as a play area for the boys.

My Hero Wallpaper

Take their favourite cartoon hero and create a custom wallpaper for their room. It is not only affordable; you can change it as and when you wish. Instead of the whole room, you can choose only one wall of the room to have the wallpaper.

When building your house, use Portland pozzolana cement which is the best cement for concrete construction works. PPC or PSC cement is a type of blended cement that enhances the strength and durability of any structure.

Fun Accent Lighting

A bedroom should have an ample amount of natural light streaming in through the window. Choose hardy table lamps for the bedside tables. Choose lamps in fun shapes like stars or fish for your kid’s room.

A Cozy Corner

Kids love a small nook in the room to snuggle with their parents and drink the hot cup of coco. A comfy reading chair by long windows with flowy sheer curtains is the perfect nook for your kid’s bedroom. Position your bed and other furniture in a way that keeps enough space to create the same.


Design a bathroom that is kid friendly. Custom bathroom wall tiles are the best for kid’s bathroom. Monogram bath towels are a great idea to add a little personal touch to their bathroom.

Kid-friendly Bedding

Consider buying a new duvet cover for the comforter. New bedding can create a whole new look for the bedroom. Change sheets often, as kids can make it dirty. Use linen sheets during the summers and satin sheets in the winters.

Soft Headboard

You can make a bed look plush and comfy by adding a headboard, especially if it is a girl’s bedroom. A wall-mounted headboard can create a soft-place to rest your head upon. If you choose a colorful headboard, keep matching throw pillows on the bed. Kids love playing with pillows, and cushions.

These tips will help you to not only decorate your boy’s rooms but also keep it organized.

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