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Best Hindi Web Series Online on Watcho for Action Lovers

The Watcho app is known for the various exciting web series that are available for streaming at all times. If you are a web series enthusiast, then there are several exciting offerings that you will get to stream on this OTT platform. If you are in the mood to spend a jolly good day at home, then Watcho is the right app for you to try out. There are several unique and intriguing shows that viewers of all kinds will enjoy streaming on the Watcho app.

There are several Hindi web series online that you will get to watch on your smartphones as soon as you start using the Watcho app. Web shows across a wide set of genres and subgenres are available for streaming on this Indian OTT platform. Check out some of the latest offerings of the Watcho app and keep yourself entertained for a considerable amount of time.

Here are some of the best Watcho web series that you can stream on your smartphone:

Gupta Niwas

Gupta Niwas’ is one of the best Indian web series on Watcho. All the viewers who have a liking for family-oriented web series can add the first season of ‘Gupta Niwas’ on Watcho to their watch list. The show talks of an average Indian family from Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh) that keeps quarrelling endlessly. However, they all come together when any of the family members is in trouble. Indian families will enjoy watching this show because it contains some meaningful messages. Plus, you can also use the Watcho app to make Dish TV instant recharge payments.

Emergency Couple (K-Drama)

Emergency Couple’ is a K-drama that deals with the life of a newly-wedded couple. They get divorced soon after getting married. There are petty arguments that the both of them come across after getting married. Therefore, their marriage fails and they are quarrelling all the time. However, they get to meet each other (after a few years) whilst interning at an ER facility. Will they both be able to sort their differences this time around. Watch this 42-part web series to know more. This Korean drama series is dubbed in Hindi.


Aghaat’ is one of the top Hindi web series online for you if you love watching action-packed web series. The show deals with the ruckus caused by a notorious sleeper cell unit. The terrorists are targeting various prominent cities across the globe. Also, to make matters worse, several innocent Muslims get caught in a web of suspicion because of their religious practices. The series talks at length about the stigma surrounding the members of the Muslim community. Watch this action-packed offering on Watcho and keep yourself entertained. Rate this show on the IMDB app after watching it. Give your rating on IMDB after watching the first season of ‘Aghaat’.

Mystery Dad

Mystery Dad’ is one of the best comedy-thriller web series on the Watcho app. Saadhika Syal plays the lead role in this 7-part series. She plays a pregnant lady searching for her ‘possible’ husband in the show. The last thing she remembers is; she was at a party. One of the men present at the party must have gotten her pregnant (she thinks). Watch this show on Watcho and get ready to have a great time at home. This OTT app can also be used to get your Dish TV instant recharge done.

The Watcho app is not just a popular OTT platform. It is also a multi-utility app that can be used to make Dish TV instant recharge payments. All of the youngsters who want to watch Korean dramas can now do so after downloading the Watcho app. Live TV channels can also be streamed on this OTT platform with ease.

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