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Best Action-Thriller Web Shows to Appease the Daredevil in You

Action-thriller web shows have become quite popular in recent years. All those sitting at home (doing nothing) can watch a bunch 0f exciting and action-packed web shows, such as ‘4 Thieves’ on the Watcho app. There is something new to watch for the viewers on Watcho every week. This means the viewers will be able to wave their goodbyes to boredom with ease.

Similarly, other OTT platforms in India also have a never-ending list of shows and movies for the viewers to try out during their leisure time. The best thing about watching action-thriller shows is: you can watch them whilst keeping your brains aside. Download the best OTT apps in India, including the Watcho app, and get ready to watch some of the best action-thriller web shows in Hindi right now:

Here’s a small list for the viewers:


‘Sarhad’ is a popular action-thriller show available on the Watcho app. A terrorist is nabbed by the security agencies along the LOC. However, a series of stark revelations brings to light a smoking-hot conspiracy. This 7-part series is packed with thrills and spills (every step of the way). So, if you are planning to watch something that is high on action and adventure, then ‘Sarhad’, by Alok Mishra, is just the right staple for you this weekend. Over the course of time, ‘Sarhad’ has become one of the best shows on Watcho.


‘Bhaukaal’ is the story of two rival factions (gangs). Muzzafarnagar is the country’s crime capital. SSP Naveen Sikhera is tasked with ridding the town of both the rival factions. ‘Bhaukaal’ is the story of a badass cop who will do anything to tighten the noose on those who break the law. Mohit Raina and Abhimanyu Singh deliver convincing performances and make this show worth watching. Do watch the first season of ‘Bhaukaal’ without fail if you want to watch something high on action and adrenaline. The first season of this show contains as many as 10 episodes.


‘Aarya’ is the story of a caring mother who decides to protect her family after her husband is murdered by the members of the city’s drug mafia. ‘Aaarya’ stars Sushmita Sen, Chandrachud Singh and Sikandar Kher, along with a bunch of other talented actors. This 9-part series is a must-watch for you if edge-of-the-seat action thrillers are your thing. Drugs, bullets, and betrayals form the heart of this very engaging and entertaining action-thriller show.

Mission Breaking News

‘Mission Breaking News’ seeks to deal with the dark side of media. An honest female journalist gets murdered as she is about to uncover a mystery/conspiracy. So, her son jumps into the fray in order to search for clues in order to bring his mother’s killers to justice. Also, he realizes that there is more to the conspiracy than meets the eye. Watch all 12 episodes of this power-packed show if you want to enjoy a great time at home with friends and family.

Other action-packed web shows in Hindi available for the viewers to watch are: ‘4 Thieves’, ‘Aghaat’, Special Ops, etc. Watch them all by putting your smartphone to use right now.

Download the Watcho app and explore the best of Indian web shows in Hindi. You will also get to watch ‘Emergency Couple’, which is a Korean show dubbed in Hindi, on the Watcho app. Check out some of the finest Watcho originals and keep yourselves busy during your leisure time. Produced by Percept Pictures, ‘Sarhad’ brings to light a series of pertinent comments on terrorism and border security.

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