What will you prefer for a business trip, a hired car or a personal car

There comes many occasion on the course of your business that you need to go for business trips by yourself or by your company. In such situation, you need to take the decision carefully. The choice varies according to the case. Some situations are illustrated below that will help you in deciding that what should you prefer for business trips either a hired car or a personal car.

Car allowance benefit

If you are going somewhere for a business tour, you may not be aware of the advantages offered by the company for you. Keep in mind when your company is making you go for a meeting or a conference out of London, it is your company who will bear all expenses of the travel including the costs of your premium car hire in London to the expenses of food and stay. In this situation, you do not need to hire a separate vehicle for yourself or even use your car for the short tour. A specific car allowance will be provided to you. In this way, the employee will receive a lower mileage rate as set by the company itself.

Prefer: Hired Car

Duty Care to drivers

If you use a personal car for your business trip, it can be challenging for you to manage the mileage rate as well as the vehicle maintenance. If you are using a hire car in London, you must be aware that you are responsible for any damage to the car. Many companies do not bother while hiring a vehicle for their employees. If the corporate section is overlooking the maintenance of the car, it is possible that the person travelling on business tour could be moving in an old, inefficient and ill-equipped vehicles. It is possible that the vehicle they have hired lacks maintenance and latest services such as Bluetooth for the hands-free call and Wi-Fi etc. In such case, the employer would be responsible for any damage to the car. If you are hiring a car, you must know that it means that it means driving a new car or close to the new car. In such situation, you can use your car and spend the car allowance by the company on your car for its proper maintenance, and you will also get rid of the over-charging by the car companies for any damage to it.

Prefer: Personal Car

Cost Effective option

It is challenging to guess which car should be chosen to go on a business tour arranged by the company regarding its cost-effectiveness. After a careful analysis, it is recommended if you need to go on a short trip you should use private cars, but if the distance is more than 1 miles away from your office, then you must hire a car. In this way, the savings will start ramp up. If you hire a car for a journey of 100 miles distance, it will prove £10 cheaper than paying a mileage. The analysis is based on the people’s experience hiring a standard or intermediate car for their trip. Therefore, you need to be very careful if you want to have a cost-effective way of making a comfortable office journey. The distance you need to cover effects a lot to your cost. So make a reasonable decision.

Prefer: Hired car

On time arrival to the place

On time arrival to your destination is also very necessary when you are going on a business trip because a business needs overall punctuality to run successfully. If you want to reach the destination at the time you need to use your car. It is said after careful research. If you are using your car, you can leave for the tour in time and reach the place at the proper time. You can also make any needed changes on the way to the journey. However, if you have hired a car, there are many chances that the vehicle does not reach at a time to the destination due to various reasons such as slow drive, not picked up at a time etc. therefore, take the decision wisely.

Prefer: Personal Car

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