Inspect your Vehicle and Prepare it for Winter Months!

Winter months have kicked in and summers have officially bid us a goodbye for the better half of the common year. It’s time to prepare ourselves and our vehicles for the upcoming comfortable days and chilly nights. Your vehicles need a lot of power to deal with the changing weather conditions and altering road conditions as well as road hazards associated with winter months. This means that you’ll have to pay more attention to maintaining your vehicle and driving with increased vigilance. Ensure to keep your car roadside assistance plan papers handy as well.

Check Tires and Brakes

While ensuring your vehicle’s tires and brake function properly throughout the year is imperative, during so during the winter months is quintessential. Replace your summer tires with the all-season tires since the former ones may only work well in areas that experience mild winters. Check tire pressure on a regular basis, since their pressure decreases with decreasing temperature.

Check the Lights

Quickly inspect your vehicle’s lights – lamps, brake lights, emergency flashers, taillights, parking lights, and headlights, and ensure all of them are functioning properly. Replace any damaged bulbs with new ones and also put on special yellow lights for upcoming foggy mornings and nights.

Check the working of Defroster and Heater

It’s typically not safe to drive a vehicle that lacks a properly functioning heater. Fogged-up windows can pave way to accidents and mishaps. Ensure to check your front and rear defrosters are working efficiently. If they are damaged or not working in a way they should, get them repaired right away!

Check your Vehicle’s Battery

It’s essential to maintain a fully charged battery, especially during the winter months. Have a professional mechanic inspect your vehicle’s battery, and change it in case of any problem or damage therein. Most towing companies receive towing help for vehicles that breakdown due to battery failures.

Refill Cooling System

Automobile experts recommend that checking the coolant level inside the overflow tank during the winter months is very important. Add an equal proportion of water and coolant if the level is lower than usual for the vehicle to perform its antifreeze capabilities. Periodic replacement of the cooling system is also recommended.

Road side Assistance Plan

The maximum number of road accidents take place during the winter months, especially when it’s foggy. This is why you must always have a copy of your road side assistance plan papers in your vehicle. If you get involved in an accident, call your assistance provider, furnish all the details and seek assistance right away!

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