The Importance of Investing in a Good Commercial Roadside Assistance Plan

Running a commercial business is a tedious task. It only demands efforts in terms of getting business, but also in maintaining a fleet of trucks, trolleys and other heavy-duty vehicles for transporting materials from one city/state to another. While the former is still an easy task to perform, get associated with manufacturing units, wholesale companies, etc. and acquire business deals, keeping the transportation fleet in the right condition is something that’s tougher to do.

Amidst fleet maintenance, there’s one thing that most business owners ignore – getting their vehicles insured and partnering with a good, reliable roadside assistance providing company. A roadside assistance, believe it or not, is the handiest thing when it comes to a vehicular breakdown in the middle of the road due to any plausible reason – an accident, a flat tire, running out of fuel, dead battery or as simple as losing ignition keys.

Choosing the Right Plan

Selecting a commercial roadside assistance coverage plan that offers all the basic services, which, as a business owner, you believe are important for your professional fleet, is essential. Different roadside assistance companies offer a broad range of coverage plans for heavy-duty vehicles that may seem enticing and fall well into your budget range as well. The key here is to ensure you choose the best plan that’s thoroughly examined and well thought of. It must cover all the services that your fleet is most likely to need while it’s on the run.

Basic services your coverage plan must include are as follows:-

  • 24×7 roadside assistance
  • Flat tire change
  • Winching/extrication
  • Jumpstart
  • Towing
  • Lockout
  • Lost key
  • Fuel delivery

Many reputed companies also offer a broad range of additional services as a part of their basic plan. Look for those plans as well before you zero upon one. You can also choose between coverage packages that are customizable in nature – get services that best suit your business. Be sure to enquire about any limits attached to services enlisted in the packages. For instance, fuel liters extended as help, any additional charges applicable to towing beyond particular kilometers, lockout or any other services that may be chargeable.

Features to Look for

Here, below, are a couple of things that you must look for when purchasing a commercial roadside assistance plan:-

Reliability – Checking the reliability of the company is the first and the foremost thing. This is essentially important as you don’t want your fleet drivers to get stuck in the middle of nowhere just to discover your partnered roadside assistance company cannot help them or may take hours to reach their point of breakdown. Choose a partner that’s reliable and offers 24x7x365 fast services.

Accessibility – It’s important that your roadside assistance partner can be reached at any point in time of the day. The better the company’s accessibility network, the better and quicker services it will render. If not, it’s no point even considering buying its services in the first place.

Customer service – How fast does your partnered roadside assistance company respond to your concerns and queries, and does it go an extra mile to ensure it offers the best-in-class services possible is another thing that you must look for while shaking hands with a roadside assistance company for your commercial needs.

Service calls – The number of service calls you are allowed to make per annum and can you make any extra calls once you’ve exhausted those calls. Ensure the number is well enough keeping in mind the trend of your fleet vehicles breaking down when plying on the roads.

Vehicle specific coverage – Your chosen service must offer vehicle specific coverage as well that covers the vehicle and not its driver. This way, it doesn’t really matter who’s driving the vehicle, you can avail coverage services whenever you need them.

Finding an ideal service provider that can be trusted to take care of all your commercial fleet needs is vital to your business. One of the best ways to find an ideal plan for your vehicular fleet is by browsing through the internet space and getting quotes from them. Study them thoroughly, look for all the factors mentioned above, and only then finalize one.

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