Common Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes You Must Avoid

While the feeling of owning a vehicle is simply overwhelming, it brings with it a set of key maintenance rules, which are apparently important to follow. Proper maintenance is an amalgamation of small yet consistent do-it-yourself practices such as regular cleaning, fueling, oiling, etc., and professional assistance. The two together assure the health and wellness of a vehicle and reduce the chances of vehicle breakdown as well.

This is precisely the reason why all automobile manufacturing companies urge their buyers to get their vehicles serviced every now and then. Servicing assures that the vehicles are in good shape and fit for running on the road. This also helps in reducing the chances of getting involved in accidents and mishaps, which can cause grave problems and injuries.

To ensure your vehicle stays in a good shape and serves as a good investment, it is important to practice stringent maintenance rituals and pay attention to even the minutest of details. Here below, we’ve compiled a list of most common maintenance errors and ways to deal with them to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Overlooking the Minutest of Details

Agree or not, it’s always the smallest of things which typically make or break any situation – here being your vehicle. Address all details of your car’s maintenance manual. From correctly using your car’s wipers to ensuring its batteries are always charged, it’s the small and seemingly mundane things which can keep your vehicle in good shape. If, at any point in time, you think that your vehicle is not working efficiently and you’re unable to locate the exact issue, seek the assistance of a mechanic right away.

Air Filter Negligence

Most of us, vehicle owners simply assure that by simply cleaning the car’s air filter once a year is a done and dusted task. But, it must be replaced on a regular basis as well. Once the level of dirt starts to obstruct the flow of air, changing the filter becomes extremely essential. Also, air filters are not easily available in the market and you must not even try and replace it on your own. For even the slightest of mistakes can cause the onset of many related problems. Take the help of a professional mechanic.

Skipping the Inspection of Car Fluids

Another common maintenance error most of us make is not maintaining the essential fluids of our vehicles. Motorists, especially, can do a great disservice to their bikes by not adding the right motor fluids every now and then. This is because vehicular oils make for one of the essential fluids the absence of which can cause great damage to the engine of the vehicle. To make sure your vehicle is to the best of its working condition, maintain the engine’s oil at the right level and change it at regular intervals as well. So, to ensure your vehicle never suffers any malfunctions and demands a vehicle towing service, keep the engine’s fluids in check.

Overlooking the Condition of the Brake Pads

Worn out and old brake pads can cause many problems, especially in the case of motorcyclists. Improper brakes can lead to the poor performance of a vehicle’s steering system. It is, therefore, important that vehicle owners must get their brake pads checked and changed at regular intervals to avoid the risk of accidents and mishaps.

In addition to these, driving an overheated engine, ignoring windshield wipers and even neglecting tire pressure make for some warning signs of potential accidents. While it’s essential to ensure that you take up the best vehicle maintenance practices, having a roadside assistance plan in your pocket serves as a blessing in disguise. Buy one and drive safely!

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