3 Car Maintenance tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Do you want your car to last a long time? For sure, all of us do. We are doing to discuss some critical maintenance items to perform on your car so that it can last longer. Let’s dive in;

Changing Oil & Filter Regularly

This is one of the most primary things to do when it comes to car maintenance. You can use the conventional oil in your engine while doing the oil change. It allows you to do it every 3000 miles or maybe twice a year depending on your driving needs.

Remember! Engines are very expensive oil is cheaper. Be mindful that it’s even more important to keep the oil clean with modern variable valve timing in engines. If you let the oil get dirty and clog-up the variable valve timing cams, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to think some.

How about synthetic Oil?

It’s all up to you. To look for further oil changes, use fully synthetic oil. This will allow you to go almost 8000 miles in between oil changes. Synthetic oils cost 3-4 times as much as regular oils.

What Oil Weight to Use?

When it comes to what weight of oil you should go for, just use the one that your engine suggests. In some cases, it 10W.30 and there many other weights as well.

Servicing the Automatic Transmission

In an older car, it’s a good idea to change the fluid in the transmission every 30k miles. Some Toyotas don’t have a filter in it, so you don’t need to change the filter. But if your car has a filter in it, change the filter as well.

Do you have a later model car like this 2007 Toyota Camry, check this out. It has the little chit sticker that says don’t change the ATF under normal driving conditions. Therefore, just leave these transmissions alone unless you live in a dusty desert.

Check Your Coolant

Keep in mind that you don’t want a dirty cool as it will ruin the whole system. Be mindful that the poorly maintained cooling system causes severe damage. It’s also likely to cause the engine to overheat and blow up. It can also clog up the tiny fans inside the radiator. And, it can short out the electrical sensors on the computer system if you have a modern car.

Therefore, it’s imperative to change the coolant once every 3-years or once every 30k miles. But in case you’re lazy, it’s better to use extended life antifreeze. This will go 5-years and 150k miles. Great, isn’t it? And you know the best thing about an extended life antifreeze?  It will only cost $3 more than the regular one so why not go for it then.

There is some important point that you must keep in mind when it comes to regular car maintenance. But if you get stuck with something complicated, don’t experiment but take your vehicle to the professional Jeep Service Dubai. And, let the experts look after this for you.


Do you want to know some important tips about car maintenance to avoid the expensive repairs? Just check out the article now

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