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Assessment of Educational Documents – A Critical Step for Canada Immigration

With Alorence Immigration, getting the Canada PR visa is like a cakewalk. We provide complete guidance; starting from Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) until visa stamping. However, often we struggle to understand the different attributes of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores. And what all ways we can better this score. One of the essential attributes is ECA, which has a pretty significant impact on the CRS scores. Therefore, obtaining the ECA report is quintessential for getting PR. Alorence will help you understand how ECA can impact your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores. Furthermore, how it is an essential factor in the Express Entry immigration system.

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) – Things to Know Prior to Submission of Your Application

ECA is a process of getting academic documents verified. It can be any degree or diploma or certificates. The successful completion of this process indicates that these documents are comparable to Canadian standards of education.

Choosing the Organization

For many, choosing the right body for ECA can be tricky sometimes. This is because not all bodies acknowledge every stream of education. But you do not need to worry, since one of our experienced immigration agents will guide you on this.

There are five designated organizations for ECA. Based on your academic qualifications and occupation, the case manager will advise you on the organization that will completely recognize your academics. Also, it will provide a report that states that your education will be considered equivalent to the Canadian system of education. Furthermore, this report also shows how many points you can earn under the CRS. Note that all your transcripts must be authentic and attested.

Best Immigration Consultants For Canada – Before submission of your documents, our immigration experts will thoroughly scan them. They will inform you if any additional proof concerning your academic qualifications is required. All these reduce your chances of rejection substantially. After all, the aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you.

What to Do Once ECA is Completed

Once your ECA is completed, update the results with the reference number in the Express Entry profile. Each individual at Alorence has his or her own designated case manager. This person will help you to enter the necessary details on your Express Entry profile. Usually, the ECA process requires two to three months, depending on the particular body. Mostly you require an assessment of your highest level of education. However, you can also opt for more than one credential assessment. If your ECA report does not fulfil the requirements posed by Canadian level of education, you will not get any points for it. This becomes a major drawback for immigration through the Express Entry pool.

How Much Does it Cost

The amount to be paid for ECA depends on the organization that will assess your academic transcripts. For example, in the case of World Education Services (WES), it is $200. Before you initiate your immigration process with us, one of our staff will provide you with the detailed cost break up of every step. We understand that this is a big step for your life and career. Hence, we stay transparent to our clients right from the beginning.

ECA is one of the most critical processes, mostly the first step that every skilled worker planning to migrate to Canada should consider. The immigration experts at Alorence have profound knowledge of the entire PR visa approval process. Since they take care of every detail with utmost vigilance, it is almost certain that you will sail through the immigration process smoothly. Are you willing to talk to our immigration experts? We are available 24*7.

So, hurry up! It is the time to turn your dreams into reality!

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