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7 Must-Have Remote Work Essentials to Boost Productivity

Working from home or remotely is a real art and not everyone can nail it. While some are born remote workers, there are many of us who struggle to maintain a perfect balance and achieve productivity.

Some of you may think of a work from home as all day curled up into a couch with your laptop nearby and Netflix and chill on mind but trust me, work from home is harder than you think.

Specially with the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19 that forced shut many offices operating inside commercial office space in Gurgaon, Noida, and mostly every metro city, one has to inculcate discipline to nail this long situation every day.

Apart from motivation and a fixed work routine, one needs a lot of planning and some essentials to get a perfect work from home office. Let’s dive straight into the remote work from home must-have essentials for a mini remote working organization:

1. Separate Work Phone – Though this may not apply to everyone owing to the different nature of jobs, if situations permit, one must have a different phone that they can switch off when the work is done for the day. Have a handsfree headset as well that enables you to talk and type at the same time to multitask and not let the calls take the day from you.

2. Dedicated Home Office – Ideally, if the space permits, it’s always great to have a separate home office that you can shut the door of when you’re done at work. This mentally helps you close your mind off work at the end of the shift and helps you enter your personal space. It is even better if your work space at home has some noise-cancelling provision like a solid door or something that lets you have no distractions at work.

3. Keep it Green – Don’t you love when your office space in Gurgaon near metro station had some beautiful looking indoor plants to adorn the space. Well, you can have the same in your home office too as adding greens to the place of work calms the nerves done and keeps the positive energy flowing. This will also give you a feel that you’re working from office itself.

4. Get Your Office Desk Stuff – If you’re not in office that doesn’t mean you can’t have the office desk stuff at home. Set your home office desk too like your regular desk. Get a wall softboard, a small whiteboard, marker pens, filing cabinet, sticky notes, and whatever your office desk allows. This will give you the exact office-like work setting feel and will keep your mind at peace and focussed at work.

5. Keep Snacks & Beverages Handy – Just like how your office cafeteria works in commercial office space for rent in Noida, it’s great to have a mini snacks or juice bar handy when working from home. In between the major meals, it’s always good to have some munchies around to not let the hunger pangs get better off you. Have some roasted nuts, trail mix, roasted foxnuts, seasonal cut fruits, sandwiches, crisps, and beverages like juices and coffee nearby to gulp down whenever hunger strikes.

6. Ergonomic Desk & Chair – Well, this obviously goes without saying that a good workman can’t do without his tools. If you want to achieve the same level of productivity as you did in office, make sure you invest in an ergonomic and sturdy set of work desk and revolving chair that lets you have utmost comfort and is perfect as per your job profile. If you spend longer hours at work sitting, make sure you go for a height-adjustable, modular desk and chair that can be put to use in other purposes too.

7. Lighting & UPS Both adequate lighting and uninterrupted power supply are absolutely crucial to a super productive day at home office while working from home. Inadequate lighting will end up straining your eyes and affecting your mind that will lead to a dull day. Similarly, frequent power cuts will waste your productive hours and lead to futility. Invest in ergonomic lighting that is warm and not harsh and a power supply provision to run at all times.

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