5 Women-Centric Active Service Channels to Subscribe on Dish TV

Every woman has unique taste and preference when it comes to entertainment.

If you are a busy woman working and managing a family, take some time off to relax and watch some TV shows while enjoying a cup of tea. Watch TV channels at an affordable price by subscribing to these Dish TV active service packs. You need to upgrade your DTH connection to a DishNXT HD set-top box at Rs. 999/-. Enjoy watching the TV channels with 5X better quality and 5.1 surround sound on DishNXT HD, the best DTH connection in IndiaHere are the best active service packs on Dish TV:

  • Shorts TV Active Service Pack

Women need to find their daily dose of entertainment. Be intentional about making time to relax amid a busy day. Take a short break by watching some TV shows with a cup of your favourite beverage. You can binge-watching short films and web series during a busy work week. You need to subscribe to Shorts TV Active Service Pack on Dish TV, the best DTH connection in India. Watch the latest web series and short films with Shorts TV Active Service at an affordable price of Rs. 4.2 for the first five days and then Rs. 2 per day. Subscribe to Shorts TV Active Service to watch original web series on the Watcho app. Watch these oscar nominated short films like Adheen, Aembras, and Alisha on the Shorts Active Service channel.

  • Women’s Active Service Pack

This is a one-of-a-kind women-centric active service pack on Dish TV, the best DTH connection in India. You can subscribe to the Women’s Active Service Pack. Once you have subscribed to this active service pack, you will get an introductory offer of Rs. 1.43/- per day. Get to know the fashion tips by watching TV shows on the latest fashion trends. If you want beauty and hair care tips, get expert tips from dermatologists. If you enjoy homemaking, check out the TV shows on interior decor tips on a budget. Get into a lifestyle of fitness with live exercise classes and healthy eating tips from dieticians. Get your questions answered by watching these programmes featured on the Women’s Active Service channel.

  • Fitness Active Service Pack

Now you can achieve your weight loss and fitness goals with the Fitness Active Service Pack on Dish TV. Whether you want to lose weight or eat healthily, subscribe to the Fitness Active Service Pack. Subscribe to Fitness Active Service Pack on Dish TV at an economical rate of Rs. 1.3/- per day. Start simple exercises like walking, jogging, or stretching. If your local gym is closed, start live exercise classes at home on the Fitness Active Service Pack. To get expert diet tips and healthy eating advice from certified nutritionists watch the shows on Fitness Active Service Pack. You will learn a healthy body weight and more fitness tips with Fitness Active Service Pack on Dish TV, the best DTH connection in India. 

  • Cooking Active Service Pack 

Start cooking nutritious meals at home with Cooking Active Service Pack. You can watch and learn the recipe featured on the cooking active service pack on Dish TV. Instead of takeaway dinners, you can start cooking at home. Learn cooking and baking from famous chefs on the Cooking Active Pack. Get to learn from celebrity chefs like Vicky Ratnani, Ranveer Brar, and others. When you cook fresh, healthy meals at home, your family’s health will improve. Subscribe today to the cooking active service pack only on Dish TV.

  • Music Active Service Pack 

There’s nothing like relaxing than listening to some good music. While you are doing your daily household chores, you can play songs with Music Active service in the background. Enjoy listening to the latest Bollywood songs and music videos with Music Active Service by subscribing at Rs. 1.3 per day. Listen to ad-free music with stereophonic sound on 20 Audio channels.

If you have women at home, subscribe to these active service packs on your Dish TV connection. Watch the TV channels in high-definition by upgrading to a DishNXT HD connection.

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