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4 Ways to Incorporate CSR with Business Goals to Empower Local Environment

Our actions as individuals and corporates have a profound impact on our environment. Climate change has led to worldwide events like hurricanes, floods, rising global temperature, melting of sea ice, reduction of glaciers. Corporates can join hands with NGOs to counteract the effects of climate change. You can undertake CSR activities that are focused on contributing to the overall welfare of the local community. Candor TechSpace often conducts Corporate Social responsibility drives across local communities in India. Candor TechSpace offers commercial property for rent in Kolkata, Noida, and Gurgaon. They conduct tree plantation drives by involving all the stakeholders to plant saplings in different areas.

Candor TechSpace offers office space for lease in Gurgaon sector 21, which is a Special Economic Zone. You can also check out commercial office space in Candor TechSpace Sector 48, Gurgaon. Here are four key strategies to incorporate environment-based CSR activities in your organization:

Create a Plan

Partake in environmental welfare activities that are purely philanthropic. You can do a variety of activities in this category like donating money or kind to your local communities. You can also start different initiatives like women empowerment, education, health, disaster relief, etc.

If you are looking for commercial property for rent in Kolkata, check out Candor TechSpace IT/ITES SEZ in New Town, Rajarhat. This special economic zone is well connected with the airport and metro. There are a few residential properties adjacent to the Candor TechSpace in New Town Rajarhat.

Focus on Sustainability

CSR activities to promote sustainability can be incorporated with existing business models to deliver environmental benefits in ways to help a company in efficiency and effectiveness. It is a good idea to not determine the effects of CSR activities on the bottom line.

Sustainable initiatives can reduce resource use, waste, which eventually reduces costs to the company. Any organization should have a separate department to conduct corporate social responsibility projects on sustainability and environmental biodiversity.


You can start recycling wastes in your commercial office building to help the environment and create new jobs. Recycling plastic, glass, wood, cardboard, and other items can help you create a sustainable environment. If you are looking for office space for lease in Gurgaon sector 21check out the special economic zone by Candor TechSpace. This state-of-the-art commercial building offers the latest amenities like a cafe, restaurant, ATM, bank, daycare, pharmacy, and convenience store.

Case Studies

CSR activities that are tailored specifically to address environmental issues. You can achieve better business performance by contributing to environmental welfare. A few eminent organizations that have philanthropic and community engagement as a part of their existing business model are Tata in India, Grupo Bimbo in Mexico, and Target in the United States. The furniture tycoon Ikea has launched the Its People & Planet initiative to convert their entire supply chain 100% sustainable. Along with sustainability, Ikea also aims to double sales by the same year. Ikea is one of the furniture companies that encourages customers to recycle their products. They are transforming how they design furniture, collect and recycle used furniture.

These are some guidelines to incorporate corporate social responsibility with your business goals.

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