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4 Interesting Shows That Deal With Brides and Weddings

Indian weddings are packed with unexpected twists and turns. Ornamenting a typical Indian wedding is a bunch of misunderstandings. Well, that is what makes an Indian wedding exciting and happening. Similarly, several web shows in recent times seek to throw light on the chaos that tends to engulf an Indian wedding. All those who happen to on the lookout for something interesting and relevant to watch can try out a bunch of shows dealing with Indian weddings.

The likes of the Watcho app tend to focus on the commotion that tends to accompany a typical Indian wedding. All those who want to watch something fresh and happening can try a bunch of web shows in Hindi that deal with Indian weddings.

Here are a few top picks that the viewers need to try out:

Murder Meri Jaan

‘Murder Meri Jaan’ is a short and sweet original show on the Hotstar app. All those who want to watch the adventures of a bubbly con bride can give ‘Murder Meri Jaan’ a try. It stars Tanuj Virwani as a battle-hardened ACP, while Barkha Singh plays the con bride. Watch this show without fail if you want to treat your eyes to the adventures of a mismatched couple. There are 21 episodes in the first season of ‘Murder Meri Jaan’. Watch this original web show without fail if comical mysteries are your thing.

Naughty Wedding

‘Naughty Wedding’ on the Watcho app is a comedy of errors. A bridegroom finds himself with an unknown woman in bed. To complicate the situation, his bride-to-be is about to pay him a visit. How will he handle the situation? Will he get caught? Well, watch the show in order to find the answer. Also, this show consists of just four (4) episodes. This means you won’t have to take out a lot of time in order to watch this hilarious web show that deals with the misunderstandings that end up popping out of nowhere during a wedding ceremony.

Bang Baaja Baraat

Two people from entirely different backgrounds decide to get married. However, things take a complicated turn when both of them introduce their families. The show consists of five (5) episodes as part of season 1. This means the viewers will be able to watch ‘Bang Baaja Baaraat’ in a day or two. Angira Dhar and Ali Fazal play the love birds. There is ample meat in the first season of ‘Bang Baaja Baaraat’ to keep the viewers hooked and guessing right from the word go. Watch this web show and come to terms with the problems that weddings tend to bring along in India. 

Permanent Roommates

‘Permanent Roommates’ is a show that you would enjoy watching if you have a taste for shows dealing with long-distance relationships. Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh play an adorable on-screen couple. However, the girl is hesitant to enter into a formal relationship (because she fears commitments). However, they both decide to become roommates in order to understand each other before getting married. Watch this very popular show dealing with a modern Indian’s mindset on the TVF Play app. In all fairness, this original web show is packed with a lot of unexpected twists despite having a simple storyline.

Check out the Watcho app and get ready to explore the top Indian web shows and original films on your smartphone. Plus, this app can also be used to pay for your Dish TV DTH recharges.  Download this app and make your life simpler and convenient. Do not forget to check out the latest set of short films and original plays on the app.

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